The day after

Hi lovelies!

Yesterday I went to a party with my friends, we had so much fun! So now I have a lack of sleep,
which you can see by the bags under my eyes.. (they are designer). I had to do homework and do
some studying today, but I’m just sitting here writing this post, looking at all this work I haven’t done.

This will be a busy week for me, since I just found out that I have to overtake a big test on Tuesday,
well hello insufficient 😦 Also, I have a written exam this week which lasts for 4 hours, starting tomorrow,
and guess what; I didn’t even start preparing yet. And unfinished homework. A lot. So that was to give
you a little indication of how bad my motivation for school is.. My Sunday consisted of watching the
new episode of The Carrie Diaries with a nice cup of coffee and laying in bed with my laptop.

What did you guys do this weekend?