How to get back on track

With pain in my heart I have to say this break is almost over. We need to get back in our routines and work, study and get back on track. My sleep rhythm is getting back to normal and I’m preparing for school already. These are my tips to get back on track.


Make a list of things you need to do

When you know you got a lot of things to do for school or work, but you didn’t take a clear look at what you have to do exactly, a smart thing to do is to write it down. Not only to see and check what you need to do, but also to clear your mind. When you have simple – but nice looking – notebook, it will become easier to plan your day and to make an estimation how long it will take to accomplish. I love these leather ones, from Scotch & Soda.

ssnotebookbox ssnotebookssnotebookssnotebook


Set the most important things and the top of your list, because you need to do them first. Even if you can’t get the other things finished, you can be sure you did the most important things.

Get started

Getting started is probably the hardest thing to do, when working on a difficult task or essay, or maybe you’ve set a goal to lose weight. Just get started!! Once you started, you’re much likely to finish your task. Oh, put your phone away and shut Friends up.


Take breaks

No not every five minutes to check your Facebook. When you’re working or studying, do it for 30 till 50 minutes straight and then take a break! For approximately 10 minutes. This is most effective to stay focused. Use your break to drink and eat something. Make some tea or make your lunch and take it with you while working. I can’t work on an empty stomach, eating some fruit helps me to concentrate.


Reward yourself

When you finished a difficult task, it’s okay to reward yourself. Eat your favorite snack or do something you like. You can also set a goal, which makes it easier to finish up your list. For example: When I finished all my homework and cleaned my room, I can watch my favorite episode.


With love,



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