The Plaza Hotel


So I was just watching Home Alone, on Christmas day, like every year. Kevin was lost in New York and as smart as he was, he managed to get a room in The Plaza Hotel. I am obsessed with New York and I love (luxuxry, large) hotels. I couldn’t help it. Thinking of New York and how amazing it would be to stay in a luxury hotel, I googled ”plaza hotel new york”.

And as if the pictures of the entrance of the hotel with the luggage carts and the doormen weren’t enough, I clicked the ”Check Availability & Rates” button. $600 per night?!?!? Okay, including a butler, flat screen TV, 475 square feet  and a mosaic bath. Oh how amazing would it be to spend your night in THE Plaza Hotel.


I don’t know if you noticed yet, but as overenthusiastic as I was, I saved these pictures as ”wioejfilkjfdldkfjds”. With some view of Central Park, it would be a dream for me, and I assume for every person with a ”normal” income, to stay in this hotel.


I hope you like this post, since it’s different from what I used to write about. I like some variation and I’m trying to find the best way to write this blog.

Love, Rachel


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