Amsterdams Blauw

The Amsterdam kind of blue 

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-26 om 15.43.06.png

For those days when winter is almost over, but not just yet and you’ll get a glimpse of sunlight if you’re lucky..

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I’m back b*

Hey there!

First off, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. ♥
You’re probably wondering what the name of my blog stands for since it’s kind of a funny combination. I’m not that good at explaining things, but because you already took the time to read this I think you’re worth an explanation. Pizzas and Prada owes its name to the combination of a boring student life and the mind of this student which is a little less boring. So who is this student we’re talking about?

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Bonjour mes chéris!

I’m back!


It’s been a long while but here I am, a fresh new start. This week I’ve been to Paris with school and I had an amazing time. I took a lot of pictures which I want to share with you. The weather was great and we did a lot of super fun things (Including cycling, scary).

I only have 2 months of school left (yaaay) and the weather is getting pretty good here, so that means more inspiration and things to take pictures of.
Pictures of Paris wil follow, I’ll speak to you soon!

What’s up with you?


Inspirational collages


When I have some spare time, I’m scrolling down Tumblr or look at We Heart It. I can always find some inspiration here. All these beautiful collages come from Tumblr. These creative works of art all have something that appeals to me, like the ideal place to spend your holiday. These collages all have some vibes of freedom, and there’s a thing I can’t explain. A specific kind of images, when put together can look like paradise, and seem so serene and cool.

Don’t ask me why, but when I can’t sleep and I’m awake in the middle of the night, that’s when my creativity level goes DINGDINGDINGDING. My energy level goes up too 100% and of course I can’t put on music and dance around, so instead I collect a variety of pictures/phrases/photographs and put them together in a collage! So now you know where my inspiration comes from.

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More issues than Vogue

Good morning! Hope you all had a great night,
Six hours of sleep and 8 hours of school isn’t that great.. Then coming home and making homework and struggling not to fall asleep. My mind is lacking inspiration, so I might go to bed early tonight!




The moments in between


Hi guys!

Hope you had a good week. Mine was good, if you consider studying 82910 moments a week. No really, it wasn’t that bad. Only being at school for an hour a day feels great because I can relax and study while I’m watching my favorite series at home (sometimes I allow myself to). This was only the first part of my test-week. Next week it will continue so gotta study this weekend!



What are your plans this weekend?

Love, Rachel

The Plaza Hotel


So I was just watching Home Alone, on Christmas day, like every year. Kevin was lost in New York and as smart as he was, he managed to get a room in The Plaza Hotel. I am obsessed with New York and I love (luxuxry, large) hotels. I couldn’t help it. Thinking of New York and how amazing it would be to stay in a luxury hotel, I googled ”plaza hotel new york”.

And as if the pictures of the entrance of the hotel with the luggage carts and the doormen weren’t enough, I clicked the ”Check Availability & Rates” button. $600 per night?!?!? Okay, including a butler, flat screen TV, 475 square feet  and a mosaic bath. Oh how amazing would it be to spend your night in THE Plaza Hotel.


I don’t know if you noticed yet, but as overenthusiastic as I was, I saved these pictures as ”wioejfilkjfdldkfjds”. With some view of Central Park, it would be a dream for me, and I assume for every person with a ”normal” income, to stay in this hotel.


I hope you like this post, since it’s different from what I used to write about. I like some variation and I’m trying to find the best way to write this blog.

Love, Rachel